KG -Dance-2023

11th Annual Day Celebration26.03.23

       KG- Graduation Ceremony-2023

                   Farewell Day -2023

74th Republic Day Celebration -2023

                        Kid's Dance -2023

              CBSE IPS -Practical -2023

  CBSE (SAEP) -Workshop   Program

         Farewell  Day   Celebration-2023

           Christmas  Celebration -2022

          New Year Celebration-2023

           Thai Pongal Celebration -2023

Children's Day Celebration Part-2

        Children's Day Celebration

Cook With Family Celebration- 2022 
                    Blooming Kids

Global Hand Wash Day-  Healthy   

Thirukural Recitation -KinderGarten

Clay Modeling (KG) Innovators of KSR

Pink Day Celebration -Blooming Kids

                National Unity Day -2022

          SEA BIN Project  - KSR Pupil's

    Spectacular Colour Carnival-2022

      Vijayadashami Celebration - 2022

        Yellow day Celebration -2022

    Teacher'a Day  Celebration -2022

     Awareness  About Junk Food- KG

  Our Kiddoz Rhymes - Grand Parents

       KSR  School -Campus Walking 

         Welcoming Our Kindergarten 

              73 rd -Republic Day (2022) 

           Pongal Celebration -2022

        New Year Celebration -2022

             Christmas Celebration-2021 

        Ashirwad Day  2021- (10 &  12)th

    Vijayadashami Celebration -2021

     Matribhasha Celebration -2020

Inspection Of School Covering The                                        Infrastructure

          Annual Day Celebration-2018