Chairman's Messages

MJF.Ln. K.Sundaravadivel EEE

The school website is a reflection and testimony of the growth of a school. It is the windows to the activities of a school. It informs the future generation of students about the history, achievements traditions followed by their school.
Nowadays along with academic studies students are encouraged to participate in games, arts and crafts, science clubs, dramatics and various other activities, but intellectual activities like writing, reading are ignored.

This school gives students an opportunity to develop their power of expression. Writing does not come from experience alone. It also requires a lot of reading and in a way; writing inspires students to read more and more books on a variety of subjects.

Once students develop the habit of reading and writing, they realize the value of their time, and do not waste their time and efforts in futile activities. As we live in India I must emphasize that I was deeply impressed by the Indian habit of reading which is indeed worth emulating.

I do hope that each and every student of the school will participate and get associated with the school activities.