Hostel Environment

*  Separate hostel for boys and girls with all the facilities in the pollution free environment.

*  Complete Security.

*   Monitored through CCTV camera for 24 hrs.

*   Separate Warden for both the hostels.

*   Hostel rooms are spacious and with good lightings.

*   Clean and neat bathrooms & toilets.

*   Good Cot & Bed, Lockers & Shelves.

*   Generator facility for 24 Hours Power supply.

*  Students can get their needed items ( Snacks, Stationery, toilet items etc.,) in canteen.

*   Spacious area and water facility to wash and dry their clothes.

*   24 hours doctor on call for emergency or sick.

*   Meditation or Special practice to improve memory power.

*  Prayer at hostel daily.

*  When the parents are unable to contact their ward, they can contact the warden.

*  Parents will be provided with the visitors pass which the parents have to bring every time to see their ward.

*  Other than parents & guardians no outsiders will be allowed to see the students.

*  During the visitor’s day / Open day the parents can meet the warden or the management regarding their queries.

Studies in Hostel



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